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God's Message to the World

Is it possible that everything we think we know about God, and what God wants, is wrong?
Could humanity's ideas about all this be the greatest inaccuracies . . . ever? Would it matter if they were? The author of the multi-million-selling Conversations with God series places the question squarely before our world in another blockbuster book that could move our species closer to true spiritual revolution on the Earth, changing humanity's future for the better, forever. In direct and spiritually challenging language, Walsch here exposes the many ways in which he believes that humanity completely misunderstands God. He then describes in clear terms how the world could change overnight if humans accurately comprehended what God is, what God wants, who they are in relation to that, and to each other. Walsch calls this the “Missing Data” which, if ever embraced and acted on by our species, would create a spiritual revolution across the globe, bringing humanity both inner and outer peace at last. 

NEALE DONALD WALSCH is the author of nine books in the Conversations with God series, which have sold over ten million copies in 37 languages. He is one of the major authors in the new spirituality movement, having written 28 other books, with eight books on the New York Times bestseller’s list. His life and work have helped to create and sustain a worldwide spiritual renaissance, and he travels globally to bring the uplifting message of spiritual books to people everywhere.

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the five wishes of mr murray mcbride aud
  1. Amelia Earhart
By Mike Campbell
   2. The Five Wishes
By Joe Siple
Jane of Battery Park.jpg
My Rad Career Audiobook Cover.jpg
   3. Vlad III Dracula
   4. Jane of Battery Park
   5. My Rad Career
By Bill Allen
  1. God's Message to the World
By Neale Donald Walsch
   2. Scrapped: Justice
Scrapped - Audio Cover.jpg
   3. Conversations with God
By Neale Donald Walsch
CWG Nutshell_AudioBookCover_02.jpg
   4. The Black Diary
By Nick Redfern
Black diary cover square.jpg
   5. Great American Health Hoax
Great American2400x2400.jpg