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In a quiet Minnesota town, 12-year-old Franklin Hobbs and his mother, Angel, find themselves being stalked by a malicious foe, one that can appear as a human in almost every way, except for a single doesn't have a face.​ The saga all begins on the eve of his tenth birthday. While Franklin sleeps soundly, he is visited by two competing entities; one that wants to murder him and one that hopes to help him. He awakens the next morning to find out that he has been healed of a crippling injury, which had kept him bound to a wheelchair since he was two.

But on the same night, he is also gifted with strange and wonderful powers that he will need as he journeys to discover who he really is and why he is being hunted. With the help of some faithful friends, Franklin Hobbs will do battle with bloodthirsty beasts and encounter other savage monsters as he travels out of Earth and into a dark, parallel version of what he knows. Here, on his enemy's territory, he will also face the most dangerous opposition of all...the darkness that grows inside of him.

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Audiobooks To Check Out

Road Trip List
Autumn Book List
  1. Anomaly
By Hugo Navikov
  1. Fisherman's Court
By Andrew Wolfendon
Fishermen's Court audio cover.jpg
   2. Pangaea: Exiles
By Jeff Brackett
   2. Ruin: The Rhodes, Book 1
By Rina Kent
Ruin (The Rhodes Book One) audio cover.j
   3. Franklin Hobbs
By D. Hudson Hallow
   3. Blue Lives Matter
By Steve Cooley, Robert Schirn
   4. Winterglass
By Benjanun Sriduangkaew
   4. Seventh Extinction
By Eric Donaldson Ph.D, Tim Harmon
   5. To Heaven and Back
   5. Slave
By Jabali Smith

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