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"Grains of Sand: Tales of a Paranormal Life" by Author Brian Cano now on Audiobook

Fate plays the long game.

In our world of instant gratification, there seems to be little time for mysteries or wonder. We question our beliefs and close our minds to that which appears mystical.

But the sands in the hourglass are still falling.

Fate has not yet revealed its hand.

TRVL’s own Brian J. Cano shares his personal evolution through the lens of paranormal investigation in Grains of Sand. From his early years as a pioneer in paranormal television to some of his most frightening encounters on the sets of major networks, Brian evokes a range of emotions with his accessible tales, prompting readers to contemplate the very heart of human existence.

From youthful exploration to demonic confrontation, Brian has gradually peeled away layers of disbelief in his own life, and in the gentle, thoughtful, sometimes humorous manner his fans have come to adore, he allows readers to look with fresh perspective upon their own doubts and wrestle with the existential questions we’re all on some level asking.

Grains of Sand entertains and frightens while ultimately delivering a message of hope that transcends this increasingly tumultuous world. At a time when people are desperate for answers, Brian’s memoir opens minds to otherworldly options and normalizes the long and often complex journey toward realizing them.

Download your copy on Audible today:

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