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"Surviving Madmen" By Author Jerri Lynn Sparks Now Available in Audiobook Format Worldwide

One woman's true story of surviving madmen at work and at home.

On July 4th and 5th, 2012, Jerri Lynn Sparks was nearly killed by her Ivy League-educated husband in a vicious assault. Instead of retreating in fear, she fought back and is now fighting to change the system that contributed to her attack by becoming a volunteer firefighter, political advocate, and educational speaker.

Jerri Lynn Sparks was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she grew up spending most of her time outdoors. She headed west after high school and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology before returning east to raise her children.

A former Congressional Press Secretary and volunteer firefighter, Ms. Sparks now works in the clinical trials industry by day and advocates for better policies to prevent domestic violence and to assist those with lifelong disabilities in the evenings, combining her background in governmental legislation and research in the process. Her first love was always writing, having written her first poem at age seven to stop her parents from having an argument. She penned the poem in her room, half asleep using a flashlight, having been awakened by her parents in the night. She groggily walked to the living room and thrust the poem in frustration at her parents, silencing their argument in the process. Her parents hugged her and posted her poem on the church bulletin the following Sunday, showing Jerri the power of poetry and the written word. She's been hooked on writing as a means for positive change ever since. Her writing is buried in a time capsule on the White House grounds, a ghost-written essay she contributed on Abraham Lincoln for the White House Historical Society's time capsule on behalf of her former boss, a congressman.

She has also contributed to several anthologies and magazines on parenting and empowering young girls, including essays in "Motherly Musings: Thirty Women and Men Reflect on the Roller Coaster Ride that is Motherhood" and articles in "G.E.R.M. Magazine," a magazine which launched the movie "All The Bright Places," based on the novel by Jennifer Niven and starring Elle Fanning. Jerri was also the national science writer for The Autism Science Foundation before returning to work in the research industry. She makes her home in Upstate New York with her children and a cat named Midnight who thinks he's a dog.

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