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“Provisions For Abundance” By Author Ryan Mack Now Available on Audiobook!

Provisions for Abundance is a Christian’s financial guide to abundant living, complete with daily scripture readings to combine budgeting and financial stewardship guidance with the word of God. This 365-day book is loaded with interesting and empowering information for listeners to achieve fiscal abundance within a year’s time. Each entry contains a tip for the reader to put into action, along with a Christian-based takeaway on which to reflect.

Renowned public speaker and financial expert Ryan Mack, also known as the “Financial Evangelist”, has a life mission to build a durable financial empire geared toward educating his community and beyond. With this timely book, he guides listeners to reset their finances, dream bigger, and reflect on their spending while giving gratitude for all they have. He explains the benefits of paying attention to spending and focusing more on enriching our lives with purpose. The book also teaches that there is no greater blessing than to be a blessing to someone else.

Built on the unique premise of using the bible’s principles for money management, this book offers monetary planning and tools for enriching our lives in all areas. It is perfect for group bible studies, as well as individual reflection. With this book, you will:

  • Learn about financial planning through the lens of scriptures

  • Create a budget based on your own financial needs

  • Learn how to trust God with your financial success

  • Reflect on your fiscal situation with a reinforced confidence in God

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Provisions for Abundance: A Christian’s Guide to Money Management, Gratitude, and Giving Back” written by author Ryan Mack and narrated by Dan Gilvezan. Now available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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