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Come To Terms With Loyalty, Identity, Friendship and Redemption In The New Audiobook "Red Mittens"

Inspired by a blaze at a New England college in the late '70s, Jeanine Love Rooney's debut novel Red Mittens is the story of Margo and Gina, two roommates whose spirits are bound to one another and to Earth, unable to ascend to the afterlife until they are able to move past the world and the people they were taken from too early.

Stranded in the Halfway Region, a purgatory between heaven and earth, Gina and Margo must come to terms with their earthly lives cut too short.

Like all teenagers, they need to explore the different parts of their personalities and reconcile them to move on to their next stage. The author captures the angst of the struggle of coming to terms with loyalty, identity, friendship, and redemption.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released Red Mittens: A Novel written by author Jeanine Love Rooney and narrated by Timothy Burke. Download your copy on Audible today:

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