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Collegiate Baseball Takes Center Stage For The Coming Of Age Story "Wildball" By Author Brian Engles

Set in seaside Nailer's Cove, "Wildball" is the story of Shane Monoghan – one of the best collegiate shortstops in the Nation. While playing summer ball in the prestigious Cove League, Shane fights for his position both on the field and off.

Balancing a complicated host family and his brother's redeployment to Iraq, Shane learns that his high school coach Mike Calloway, the man responsible for developing him as a player and bullying him relentlessly, just passed away.

Unable to process his anger at Calloway, Shane finds comfort and distraction in mentoring a local kid, Noah Kinton, while stepping into the role of Team Captain for the Brigs. But when a former teammate asks for Shane's support in coming forward about Calloway's abuse, Shane's life begins to unravel.

This coming-of-age tale examines the consequences and catharsis of honesty as Shane risks his future in the game by reconciling a past he can no longer outrun.

"Wildball" is the new novel written by author Brian Engles, and has just been released in audiobook format through Beacon Audiobooks. Narrated by Chuck Brown, "Wildball" is now available worldwide. Readers can download their copy today on Audible in the United States here:

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