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Childhood Baseball Dreams Are Chased In New Audiobook "The Sons of Chester" Now Available Worldwide

"This audiobook will touch the veins of your heart." (Bengie Molina, World Series Champion and author of New York Times best seller Molina)

In the mid-1990s, a band of baseball-loving boys from the small town of Chester, Illinois, on the banks of the Mississippi River, pursue their dreams of state and national championships. Their fathers, guards in the local penitentiary that houses some of the worst criminals in US history, are their coaches. One dream comes true - the other doesn't.

This is the story of the dreams and of the town that made them possible. Filled with unforgettable anecdotes from perhaps the last (nearly) innocent age in America, The Sons of Chester recalls a childhood that in some sense is the 20th century's version of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Childhood baseball hopes are chased in the new audiobook The Sons of Chester: A Tale of Small Town Boys, Baseball and Very Big Dreams, written by authors Craig Ohlau & Kevin L. Gingrich. Narrated by Keith Barbaria, download your copy on Amazon today:

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