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"When the Heart Speaks, Listen: Discovering Inner Wisdom" Now Available In Audiobook Format

When Lerita Coleman, a 41-year-old single African-American psychology professor, learns she has only 18 months to live without a heart transplant, anxiety overwhelmed her. The daunting challenge of medical procedures, medications, and the unknowns of losing an organ that symbolized her core being haunted her. In desperation, she turned to her diseased heart for guidance about whether to live or die.

What emerges are a series of remarkably wise and witty conversations with her old heart and the one she ultimately received during a transplant in 1995.

The talks guide Lerita through a journey of transformation, which she shares in When the Heart Speaks, Listen: Discovering Inner Wisdom and offers as instructions on how to enter into your own heart dialogues. The revelation of her remarkable journey is that courage, wisdom, and inner peace are available and can be experienced by anyone who chooses to listen to their heart.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released When the Heart Speaks, Listen: Discovering Inner Wisdom, written by author Lerita Coleman Brown and narrated by Cheryl May. Now available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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