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The Political Thriller “Standing Our Ground” Now Available In Audiobook Format Worldwide

A cold-blooded murder. The victim: a 14-year-old boy. The shooter waits patiently for the cops and calmly explains his right to kill the boy. “I was defending my property.” Can Deputy Andi Pelton find the evidence to break through the killer’s stand-your-ground defense?

Suddenly, Sheriff Ben Stewart almost dies and cannot campaign for re-election. Andi knows she has to take his place – her nemesis, Deputy Brad Ordrew, runs unopposed and he’s promised to fire her when he’s sheriff.

Can she stand her own ground to stay in Monastery Valley while she tries to solve the murder and defends herself against scurrilous political ads paid for by a mysterious stranger?

Book Excellence Awards 2020 Finalist – Political Thriller

“Percy juggles both plotlines effectively while addressing important social issues.” (Publisher’s Weekly)

Beacon Publishing Group has just released “Standing Our Ground: Monastery Valley, Book 4” written by author Bill Percy and narrated by Nick Steen. Now available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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