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“The Heiress of Pittsburgh” By Author Ken Gormley

Attorney Shawn Rossi could have earned a fortune. He could have worked at big firms in booming cities and sunnier climes.

Instead, he returned to Pittsburgh, the struggling steel town of his youth—to help regular people. And now he’s doubting his life decisions.

His wife has just died, and his teenage daughters are getting piercings and staying out all night. His professional life is equally in shambles: He’s handling an unwinnable estate contest and representing the one person he vowed never to get near again: his ex-college flame, Marjorie. Even for Rossi, this case appears hopeless. A coffin shows up with the wrong corpse. Nuns from a secretive home for unwed mothers can’t break their vows of silence to testify. The family is about to lose everything.

New York Times best-selling author Ken Gormley delivers a powerful drama about the decent, largely forgotten qualities that once were the bedrock of simple towns whose inhabitants built America. The Heiress of Pittsburgh reawakens hope that the precious qualities of past generations can be reimagined to create a dazzling new future. But only if a few courageous people are willing to boldly redefine success.

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