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Scandal, Plague and Plots Against The Crown All Take Place In "The King's Favorite" by John Vance

"The King's Favorite" is a mystery thriller set during one of the most spirited, scandalous, and memorable periods in English history - the Restoration - when the son of an executed king brought monarchy back to England after the repressive years of the Commonwealth.

Following the coronation of Charles II came a reopening of the theaters, with the first women performing on the English public stage.

What follows is a devastating London plague and fire, a monarch who openly indulged his sexual proclivities, a series of plots against the crown, and the first true collection of female celebrities - as actresses, mistresses, and even orange girls.

This is an amazing historical fiction novel that is steeped in true history, which is  informative, educational and a thrill ride from the very beginning.

Scandal, Plague and Plots Against The Crown All Take Place In The New Audiobook "The King's Favorite," written by author John Vance and narrated by Doug Greene. Now available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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