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Scandal, Kidnapping and Murder Await in "Deep Background" by Author Rick Treon

Scandal, kidnapping and murder await in the new audiobook "Deep Background" written by author Rick Treon and narrated by Steve Zarro. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

Two years after an anonymous tip helps reporter Levi Cole break one of the biggest political scandals in recent memory, the same unknown conspirators expose him for fabricating parts of his stories.

After resigning from his cushy job in Dallas, Levi returns to his rural Texas Panhandle hometown to regroup and win over Kat Hallaway - the married woman and fellow reporter he left behind - by helping her cover a grisly murder.

But as Levi and Kat get close to unraveling the mystery, she is kidnapped by the killer. When Levi finally finds Kat, he learns the identity of his tormentors and how they connect to the murder. Faced with the truth, Levi must decide how far he will go to rescue the woman he loves and regain control of his life.

Deep Background, the new novel by Rick Treon is now available in audiobook format through Beacon Audiobooks worldwide.  Narrated by Steve Zarro, get your copy today on Audible today:

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