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Now Available In Audiobook Format Worldwide “My War and Welcome To It” by Author Tom Copeland

“My War and Welcome To It” is the story of Tom Copeland, a young man who grew up in the carefree ’60s, and was drafted into the US Army. He went off to Vietnam to join the 2nd Battalion, (MECH) 2nd Infantry Regiment, in the famed 1st Infantry Division.

You ride along with Tom to Dian, Phu Loi, and Lai Khe in Vietnam and feel the stress of battles at Prek Klok II, the Ong Dong Jungle, Ong Thanh, and Xom Bung. He then returns stateside as he fights the lingering stresses of what he has experienced, while trying to build a career and raise a family.

Then comes the real battle, with PTSD, caused by the memories of war in Southeast Asia, and his fight to gain control of his life once again. You will travel with him on his return trip to Vietnam in 2013, where he is finally able to put down the baggage of war that he carried for over 45 years.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “My War and Welcome To It” written by author Tom Copeland and narrated by Thomas Truhitte. Download your copy on Audible today:

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