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Love Zombies? Check Out "Generation Dead Book 2: What You Fear (Volume 1)" Now Available Worldwide

Jake and Aaron Talon have been trained by the best zombie fighters from the old days of the Upheaval. But an old enemy has resurfaced to challenge the guardians of the New United States. The Talons will need all of their skill and talent to face a threat not seen since the early days of when the world turned upside down. With new allies and old friends, they will run head on into what they fear the most.

"Generation Dead Book 2: What You Fear (Volume 1)" will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sure to please all Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic fans who enjoy zombie stories, Book 2 is the second book in the Generation Dead Series written by author Joseph Talluto, and is the sequel to "Generation Dead."

In "Generation Dead," Jake Talon and his brother Aaron grew up in the zombie apocalypse. All they have ever known is a world constantly threatened with extinction from the undead hordes which roamed the land. Taught by their father to survive and live, the two men drift, unsure of their future. As Jake and Aaron try to figure out what they were meant to do with this world of theirs, someone has plans to bring the zombies back.

Download  "Generation Dead Book 2: What You Fear (Volume 1)" written by author Joseph Talluto and narrated by Jamie Cutler in audiobook format on Audible today:

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