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"Living with the Dead: The Famished Trilogy Book 3" Now Available In Audiobook Format Worldwide

For five years, life is strenuous for Kansas Moore as she travels with her team and saves more people from the clutches of the revolutionists. On the downtime, they construct and enlist for their own cause. When the general assigns her to search for Mago, she turns to the team, and what they find overturns everything they've learned so far.

In this dramatic conclusion of The Famished Trilogy, things are not what they seem, and comfortable living is far from reach.

Warning: This audiobook contains graphic violence, intense language, sexual situations, and drug use. It is intended for a mature audience

Beacon Audiobooks has just released Living with the Dead: The Famished Trilogy, Book 3 written by author Annie Walls and narrated by Elizabeth DeVault. Download your copy on Audible today:

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