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“Finding Grace” Now Available Worldwide in Audiobook Format

Not just for widows and widowers but for anyone who has lost a loved one, Grace shares how she turned her life around from a setback to a comeback and from impossible to I’m possible! Raw and courageous, she rises from the pain of being widowed and places herself on the road to finding life's purpose, self-empowerment, and true independence.

In the beginning of her grieving journey, she simply wanted to survive. Then, her mind-set shifted, and she understood she was not just going to survive, but really be okay. After taking complete responsibility for her life, she rapidly discovered her dream and purpose. Losing her husband was the biggest setback she had ever experienced. She could have been angry, bitter, depressed, and was for a time, but then faced the loss as an opportunity to rediscover herself and to gain self-awareness and self-love.

Starting with a change in attitude and behavior, this shift in perspective created completely different experiences and outcomes for her. As she will authentically explain, "I am not better, braver, wiser, or stronger than anyone else. I simply believe that no person or thing could stop me from making the best of life. If a person like me (growing up with limited resources and love) survived big challenges in a foreign country, you can, too!"

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Finding Grace: How to Navigate the Journey from Tragedy to Triumph” written by author Grace Liang and narrated by Kay Webster. Download your copy today on Audible here:

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