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“Conversations With God in a Nutshell” by author Neale Donald Walsch

The wonder of the nine-book Conversations with God body of work is that it contains everything human beings need to know in order to make life on Earth a joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling experience. Perhaps more remarkably, it presents this information in terms so clear that it is virtually impossible to misinterpret or misunderstand.

In this book, the 3,000 pages of Conversations with God have been reduced to only 1,000 words, capturing its 25 core messages. This concise statement is then followed by a list of lists taken directly from the nine texts of the exchange between divinity and humanity. The result is a communication so profound, presented in a way so easy to comprehend, that it could help alter life as we know it forever, for the better.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Conversations with God in a Nutshell: A Pocket Guide to the Dialogue” written by author Neale Donald Walsch and narrated by Doug Greene. Download your copy on Audible here:

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