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"Black Irish Blues: A Caesar Stiles Mystery"available now on Audiobook

"Being a fan of Dennis Lehane, George Pelecanos, and Walter Mosley, I would certainly label Andrew Cotto as a comparable read to these luminaries in terms of style, characterization, and the depiction of life in a tough neighborhood."

(Raven Crime Reads)

"Cotto's lyrical prose reads like Raymond Chandler taking dictation from Walt Whitman." (Publishers Weekly)

Black Irish Blues is the return-to-origin story of Caesar Stiles, an erstwhile runaway who returns to his hometown with plans to buy the town's only tavern and end his family's Sicilian curse.

Caesar's attempt for redemption is complicated by the spectral presence of his estranged father, reparation seekers related to his corrupt older brother, a charming crime boss and his enigmatic crew, and - most significantly - a stranger named Dinny Tuite whose disappearance under dubious circumstances immerses Caesar in a mystery that leads into the criminal underbelly of industrial New Jersey, the flawed myth of the American dream, and his hometown's shameful secrets.

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