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"A Gypsy's Book of Revelations" by Cécile Barlier available now in Audiobook

A Gypsy’s Book of Revelation is a collection of stories with an astonishing range of styles and subject matters. A woman visits her cremation from inside the body of her dead self, a competitive couple trains as free-divers, a mother leaves her son behind on top of a mountain, a very pregnant woman experiences a peculiar relationship with a priest-to-be: These stories are full of surprising experimentation that strikes a deeply compelling balance between the real and the bizarre.

Embodying unusual premises and worlds, these stories are also fearlessly nontraditional in their structure and approach. These voices haunt, tease, and dare while never providing fully fledged answers. Each story is its own unique thing, a small but profound nod to the human condition.

Download your copy of the new audiobook "A Gypsy's Book of Revelations" by author Cécile Barlier and narrated by Julie John now at Audible:

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