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When a recon becomes a rescue...nothing is absolute! Pick up "Absolute Zero" by Phillip Tomasso

When a recon becomes a rescue...nothing is absolute! Earth, a desolate wasteland, is now run by the corporations from space stations off planet. A colony of 33 people are part of a compound set up on Neptune. Their objective is mining the planet surface

for natural resources.

When a distress signal reaches Euphoric Enterprises on the Nebula Way Station, the Eclipse is immediately dispatched to investigate.

The crew members of the Eclipse had no idea what they were getting themselves into. When they reach Neptune and send out a shuttle party, they hope they can find the root cause behind the alarm. Nothing is ever simple. Something sinister lies in wait for them on Neptune. The mission quickly goes from an investigation into a rescue operation. The young crew members from the Eclipse now find themselves in the fight of their lives!

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