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“The Grand Illusion” Written By Author Laszlo Forseti

When the Democrat Party’s attempts failed to amend the Constitution at least eight times in two years solely to make US Senator Barack Obama a constitutionally “eligible” presidential candidate, DNC leaders realized that the thing that disqualified him from being eligible to be president was too difficult to overcome. If he was to become president of the United States, there had to be another way for Barack Obama to become “eligible”.

There has been much confusion and disinformation surrounding the eligibility of Barack Obama. Here is the full story, with references and facts, and several surprises that show how Democrat Party leaders committed various acts of fraud for their chosen candidate while the media created an Illusion of legitimacy.

The Grand Illusion details how the Democrat Party and the media engaged in psychological operations and leveraged the dark side of psychology to facilitate the election of an obviously ineligible candidate for president. The Democrat Party and the media were so successful, Joseph Goebbels would have been impressed.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “The Grand Illusion: How the Media Used Propaganda and Dark Psychology to Elect Barack Hussein Obama” written by author Laszlo Forseti and narrated by Nick Cline. Download your copy on Audible today:

The official website for Beacon Audiobooks may be found at Follow Beacon Audiobooks on Twitter @BeaconAudiobook For interviews or more information contact


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