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Murder, Emotional Wounds and Inner Demons Run Amok In "Tears of Like Souls" By Author Val Conrad

Medical Examiner Investigator Julie Madigan might have survived her half-brother's brutal crime spree, but the emotional wounds left by Anthony Bock's evil run deep. She begins a walk down the path to healing with the one man who's always loved her - Zach Samualson, who works for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

They begin to establish a new life together in Washington - until he reveals a secret of his own.

Julie's torn between trusting him and running from her inner demons and the one question that's haunted her since she was sixteen - did Bock make her kill her father?

Tears of Like Souls is the second book in the Mystery/Thriller series by Val Conrad, the first being Blood of Like Souls.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released "Tears of Like Souls" written by author Val Conrad and narrated by Marlin May. Now available worldwide, download your copy today:

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