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“Heaven Sent: Celestial Events Throughout A Lifetime” Now Available in Audiobook Format

If you believe in God, heaven, guardian angels, spirit guides, spiritual visitations, the afterlife, the spiritual world, the out of body phenomena, positive energy, destiny, the paranormal, psychic phenomena, UFO’s, ESP, telepathy then we believe that you will find Heaven Sent to be a revealing true story as it vividly describes all of the psychic encounters that occurred throughout different intervals of Bill’s life infrequent times when the spiritual world or the other side chose to make their presence known and we hope his encounters will shed some light on those questions that you may have been seeking answers to.

About the Author:

In Bill Boback’s young life he often heard Angelic music and now in his memoir he shares his extraordinary life experiences of psychic phenomena throughout his lifetime. Growing up during WWII, meeting his beloved wife, celebrating the birth of his beautiful daughters, the Korean War, and more. He keeps you hanging on every chapter.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Heaven Sent: Celestial Events Throughout a Lifetime” written by author Bill Boback and narrated by Dan Gilvezan. Now Available worldwide, download your copy on Audible today:

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