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Author J.C. Paulson Releases “Blood and Dust” on Audiobook

James Sinclair is on the run, hunted like an animal. An innocent encounter with a young woman leads to horrific allegations by a powerful man. Before he can take a breath, a friend smuggles him out of 1880s Toronto via the remnants of the Underground Railroad and out into the wilderness.

James has never been on the back of a horse before. But now, he's riding hard for the Canadian west, fighting raiders, meeting hobos, befriending Métis traders and beautiful women.

He must find a new home. He wants to find love. But the long reach of a wealthy industrialist could not just scuttle all his plans; it could also end his life. “Blood and Dust” is a thrilling ride that roams across half a nation in its wild early days. Its breathtaking pace and high passion will keep you captivated until the last minute. Pick up J.C. Paulson's exciting new novel today.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Blood and Dust” written by author J.C. Paulson and narrated Mark Finfrock. Download your copy on Audible today:

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