Professional Voice Talent

We record your book using the best industry narrators and the finest digital equipment. We offer both male and female voices, and, when available, children's voices. Let us know your preference. 

If you prefer to record your audio book yourself and be the star, no problem. We are more than willing to distribute your audio book to all our major partners and get it up for sale for you.

If you would like music or sound effects to accompany your narration, we can supply this feature for you. Ask us how and a representative will discuss all the details with you.

Our Narrator Prices

Books up to 20,000 words $200

Up to 60,000 words $375

Up to 80,000 words $525

Got over 80,000 words? Ask about our special prices for your project. We offer full narration, distribution and promotion for all of our releases. Beacon Audiobooks has the largest distribution reach of any company in the business. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Most narration companies charge for Per Finished Hour or "PFH," this model can make your narration costs incredibly high. Our veteran narrators charge low flat fees and can produce the highest quality narrated works in a fraction of the time. What are you waiting for? Get signed up with us today!

Got a catalog of books you would like released? Email us today and find out about our special bulk pricing!