We believe that a good book makes people happier, helps them learn and makes them grow. A wise man once said, "Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." -P.J. O'Rourke

That is why we created an audiobook service that let's us, and all of the other audiobook lovers out there, take your favorite books anywhere. You can listen to audiobooks anywhere such as road trips, ipods while jogging, at home on your stereo or at work with your headphones (as long as your boss dosen't know). Beacon Audioboks makes it fun and incredibly easy.

We specialize in providing your favorite books with cutting edge technology to bring you top shelf audiobooks for your enjoyment.

Beacon Audiobooks is not only the number one choice for all things audiobook related but we also offer writers the option in choosing the best narrator for their project to allow it to sound exactly as you expected it.

Welcome to Beacon Audiobooks.

A Little Background

Beacon Audiobooks is owned and operated by its parent company Beacon Publishing Group. Beacon Audiobooks specializes in the narration and distribution of audiobooks throughout the world. 

Beacon Audiobook distributes to Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Public Libraries, Universities, Colleges, High Schools and more. Beacon Audiobooks have an industry team of seasoned veterans that narrate, market and promote each audiobook that is delivered into the marketplace.